How to Find a Real Estate Agent

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

Buyers searching for homes and sellers listing their properties should always partner with a local agent. However, knowing how to find a real estate agent can be difficult. First, understand the distinctions between different professionals in the real estate industry. Then, interview candidates to find the right match. It’s best to enter interviews knowing what a buyer and seller agent does for clients. The information helps you ask the right questions.

Understanding the basics

The first step to finding the right help is to understand the types of professionals available. Any licensed buyer or seller agent will be a tremendous help in the process. Other professionals, like brokers and Realtors, offer specific qualifications that affect the service you receive.

What a BARNES agent does

A real estate agent is any licensed professional who helps clients buy or sell real estate. A buyer’s agent refers to professionals who partner with buyers. They’ll search for listings that meet their clients’ needs. A seller’s agent or listing agent partners with sellers. They help a seller by listing their properties online and in the local MLS, among other things.

Principal broker specifics

A principal  broker refers to professionals who have a principal broker license. This allows them to work independently or hire other agents. A principal broker’s responsibilities are similar to a regular buyer or seller agent. Principal brokers must complete further education, think of this as “college” for realtors.

Realtor specifics

A Realtor is a professional who is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). NAR holds licensed agents to high standards. Otherwise, a Realtor provides the same services as a buyer or seller agent. The term Realtor can also be used to refer to salespeople, appraisers, and property managers. Realtors uphold higher standards and ethics to achieve this status.

Listing agent specifics

A listing agent is a term used interchangeably with the term seller's agent. They’re called this because they list a seller’s property on the market. A listing agent prices a property, markets it, and negotiates with buyers.

Finding the right BARNES agent

The next step after understanding the terminology is to find the right agent for you. An agent should have experience that’s relevant to your own transaction. You should also ask about how the partnership will function. Then, request references from past clients.

Ask about experience

Knowing how to find a real estate agent begins with the type of experience an agent has. BARNES agents are experienced in the Portland metropolitan area as well as the Willamette Valley. BARNES agents can help you if you are looking for your first home, your dream home, equestrian farm or Vineyard.

Understand how BARNES agents work

You will meet with your BARNES agent for a consultation. During this meeting the agent will go over communication styles, market strategies and expectations. BARNES Portland is a full service brokerage and our agents number one priority is to give you the best experience and service possible.

Request references

A quality agent should be able to provide references from recent satisfied clients. Listening to past clients’ experiences can give buyers and sellers a better understanding of how an agent works, challenges or perks to expect, and if they’re compatible.

Signs of a quality buyer’s agent

When starting your home search, look for a quality buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent should put your goals at the forefront of the partnership. They should also be truthful in the advice and guidance they provide.

They prioritize your goals

A great buyer’s agent will always start a partnership by understanding your goals. They’ll ask questions to pinpoint the size and type of property you’re looking for, what price range to search in, and neighborhood specifics you’re interested in. During negotiations, an agent will represent and advocate for your goals and needs.

They provide honest advice

A buyer’s agent will also provide honest advice to buyers. This helps buyers prepare for potential obstacles or steps to take in the event of a quick purchase. Agents do this by informing buyers of home availability and levels of competition in the area. Typically, areas with lower availability and higher competition can create a longer home search.

Signs of a quality seller’s agent

Sellers should always partner with an agent for the best chance of success. A good seller’s agent understands market trends and will help with home preparations. They also market your listing.

They understand the local market

Seller’s agents understand the local market. They know what similar listings look like, what they’re priced at, and what buyers in the area are interested in. An agent uses this information to advise and guide sellers. This data is also important in planning out marketing and pricing a home.

They help with home prep

A seller’s agent knows how to prepare your home to list. They’ll offer suggestions on home improvement projects with high ROI and local buyer interest. An agent can also offer pointers during staging. Experienced sellers’ agents have a network of connections available for client use. Professionals include home inspectors, home constructors, and home stagers.

They market your listing

One of the most important things a seller’s agent does is market a listing. They’ll list your home on a local MLS and include digital resources like professional photos, videos, and virtual tours. Then they’ll market the listing via avenues like social media. A seller’s agent also organizes home showings with interested buyers. Through marketing efforts, a seller increases your listing’s visibility. This improves the chances of receiving an offer and a speedy sale.

Always work with an agent

With this information above, you have a better understanding of how to find a real estate agent. There are many professionals available for buyers and sellers. Regardless of which you choose, they should always put your needs first. When you’re ready to start your home search or sale, contact one of the experienced agents at Barnes Portland to guide you through the process.


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